Supporting a loved one

Sometimes someone close and dear to you may show signs of going through a rough time. They may not tell you directly but the cues are usually irritability, sadness, humor shifts, or isolation. These signals can leave us feeling unsure of how to help, and of what to say to comfort them because we can't quite grasp what is happening. Here are three things that you can do to help.

By being more empathetic, the first step is putting yourself in that person's shoes. Understand how the other person feels, everyone feels differently and has different perspectives about the same thing. So it's important to understand first the emotion, then the point of view, implications, and respect that. Don't try to minimize what they are feeling just because you think you wouldn't react like that in that situation. Really try to understand what that person is feeling. 

Be an active listener, this is one of the most important things to do, active listening! Refrain yourself from judgments or giving a piece of unsolicited advice, the idea is to be there for them. Ask questions if necessary but be careful, don't overdo it otherwise it will end up feeling like an inquiry. Placing the right questions will show that you are listening and interested, plus it can help the person in need to better process their emotions. Show that you listen by repeating or reframing what they said, showing that you are listening, and also helps you to make sure that you fully understand what's happening.

You don't have to agree with everything but you can listen and show that you are there and that the communication is open. If you know the person very well you can, after listening, ask permission to give your opinion or advice but be careful with your words and make it clear that it is just your opinion. Also, let them know if you think that person may benefit from professional help.

Practice compassion for that person, next time you meditate, focus on the feeling of love and compassion. You can start by self-compassion and then extend that feeling to that specific person, wishing happiness and love. You can work with Rose Quartz to help you amplify compassion and increase love, like wearing a Rose Quartz necklace near the heart chakra to raise the vibrations. And be patient, things will eventually get better but it can take time. Keep the communications open during this time. 

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