Selenite – A powerful Crystal for Protection and Clarity

In the previous article, we spoke about the full moon crystal set and how it can help you protect your energy and to aid with abundance and intuition, now we are going to explore a little bit more about the selenite crystal which also happens to be a part of the full moon crystal set.

Selenite is a milky-colored crystal with a soothing energy, and it's a fabulous addition to any crystal collection. Like most white and clear crystals, it's connected to divinity, peace, and purity. It is widely used in meditation practices and it's ideal for laying a stone circle. Selenite works fabulously in conjunction with any crystal and it's perfect for cleansing their energy too. It protects against and cleans negative energies while connecting you with the divine due to its high vibrational energy. Selenite is a soft crystal so it's better to avoid putting it in contact with water or salt and to store it separately. It usually comes in towers, bars, or plates.

It can be used to place at an entrance because there is a lot of energy flowing through a doorway. It's a place of entrance and exit, so there are plenty of things happening, energetically speaking. And, it's also a point of contact with the exterior and possible dense negative energies that we wish to avoid. Even if a visit means while that doesn't mean that their energy is balanced and good for you. So, a selenite crystal at the entrance serves the double purpose of protecting and cleaning negative energies!

Having a piece of selenite in the car can also be of great support, to keep calm during travels, short or long. By simply being in a car we are exposed to a number of dense negative energy and stress. The stress of the traffic and the tension builds up and we end up drained or irritated, so why not have a crystal in your car to keep the balance and clear the energy? After all, several people have a long commute and end up spending a huge portion of their time in their cars.

At your work desk to avoid feeling tired or peeved. Selenite is wonderful for cleansing toxic energies which is of great relief and provides calm and clarity of thought. Selenite is a highly protective stone and promotes an unbiased perception, another reason to place it at your desk or handbag. It also works remarkably well with the third eye and crown chakras.

These are a few ideas of how to use Selenite for protection and clarity, but the possibilities are numerous. Reflect on what makes more sense for you, and where you need it the most.


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