How to Manifesting Happiness in Your Life (Happy thoughts, Happy results)

Happy thoughts, Happy results 

The manifestation of thoughts is a powerful force. The thoughts we have, the words we speak, and the actions we take all have an effect on our lives, it all starts with a thought, a glimpse of the future, the realization of an opportunity, or a hunch that comes to our awareness. In a way, thoughts shape our lives. That's why it is important to be mindful of what we are thinking because thoughts embody our lives. If we think positive thoughts, then they will create a positive outcome more easily, they will lead us in the right direction, keep us motivated, and keep our focus on the purpose. If we think of negative thoughts all the time, then they will lead to negative outcomes, anxiety, and discouragement. If we focus only on bad things that happen in our life, then it will follow that those things will continue to happen over and over again, it's a vicious cycle of bad luck per se. But if we manage to focus on the good things that happen in our life, then those good things will continue to repeat themselves as well. It all comes down to the energy and intention that you put out there.

Actions and mechanisms toward more happy thoughts

  1. Write down 10 things you are grateful for every day. With time you will start to have more positive thoughts naturally which will balance things. The idea is not to stop having negative thoughts, negative thoughts will still occur, the key thing is to be conscious of them and not let them cloud our judgment or ruin our day or even life. If you are into journaling take a look at the "My Gratitude & Mindfulness Journey Journal", each day has a spread across two pages where you are invited to reflect on your emotions and document your personal growth daily. After each month of daily reflections (there are approximately three months worth of pages in each journal). You are invited to fill out a progress report. This will help you look back on just how far you have come. 

  2. Put together a list of affirmations that help you feel happy and confident in yourself. Affirmations or mantras are words or phrases that we repeat to ourselves in order to intentionally make a change in our lives. They are often used for self-improvement, but can also be used for various purposes such as attracting wealth, healing, or helping in overcoming life crises.

  3. Create a happiness statement and a vision board that outlines your goals and intentions for the future. It's a great reminder of your intentions.

  4. Visualization is another powerful technique that can be used to manifest. Visualizing your goals in detail has been proven to be effective for achieving goals and will help you focus on what you desire or need.

The main takeaway is that being mindful of our thoughts and having a more positive perspective in life is extremely helpful in creating a good and happy life. This doesn't mean that there will not be challenges or troubles but our ability to cope with them changes when we choose to see the glass half full.


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