How To Cleanse Your Crystals

Working with crystals is all about energy and, just as you pull energy from crystals, crystals also pick and absorb energies onto themselves. This may happen because you changed the crystal location, someone else touches it or it's been a long time since you last cleanse your crystals. This is why you should cleanse your crystals regularly, I recommend at least once a month.

I often see recommendations to cleanse crystals with water, however, I don't recommend this because it might damage and erode some stones plus there are other ways to cleanse:

  • Place your crystals in a bed of quartz and let them sit for 24h. Quartz is the workhorse of crystals, it's very powerful and versatile and besides cleansing, it also amplifies the power of any crystal. Selenite is also a great cleanser because it doesn't absorb energy.
  • Place them in the moonlight, leave your crystals in a place where they are exposed to the moonlight, I love to do this when it's the full moon because it's the perfect time to let things go and to release the energies.
  • Use smoking Sage, light a sage near your crystals, it's a perfect and faster way to cleanse several crystals at once. You can also utilise Palo santo for cleansing.

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