Crystals and tips to increase happiness

We all seek happiness in life but we tend to think of big life events or conquers as happy moments instead of looking at the small things. Let's find out ways to increase your satisfaction and happiness levels, either through crystals or other tricks! But, always enjoying those little, precious moments that we already have or can add into our daily life.

Crystals like Smoky Quartz and Citrine, for example, are wonderful for increasing happiness, Smoky Quartz helps promote positive and pragmatic thought and can be used to give clear insight, while Citrine carries the power of the sun ensuring that it is warming, energizing, and highly creative. It is excellent at absorbing negative energy and is, therefore, an extremely protective stone. Citrine promotes joy in life while getting rid of negative traits, fears and helps stop anger. This crystal also assists with self-esteem, improving overall well-being and happiness levels.

Now, let's speak about one of the most delicious ways to increase happiness. That is to eat, more precisely, dark chocolate. That's right, one piece of dark chocolate can do wonders for well-being and mood. In moderation, almost every food is healthy, and you can gratify yourself from time to time.

Another healthy way to feel fresh and joyful is to exercise. We all know the benefits of this one and of that rewarding feeling afterward. So next time you think of skipping the gym or yoga class, think of that gratifying feeling you get after exercising and accomplishing your goal. And of how proud and happy you feel when you see improvements!

A good daily laugh can also do the trick. Spend more time with people that make you laugh. Call or go out with that friend that shares the same humor as you, and enjoy some good laughs. Or in alternative, watch a comedy or something funny, it will definitely improve your mood. 

Get a massage, the important thing here is to relax, you can get a professional massage or even ask your partner, and enjoy. Besides relaxing it also helps your body release endorphins which help reduce anxiety, depression, pain, amongst other things! So, now you have a great 'excuse' to go get that massage that you've been postponing.

Try spicy food, it is also a great way to release endorphins. If it's not your thing try to eat spicy food from time to time. Spicy food is very beneficial for health but if you aren't used to it, go easy. 

Hope these tips bring some interesting ideas to put in place in your life.

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